What’s with the name?


Back when I was in grade school, my favorite class was sloyd. What the hell is sloyd?

It’s basically woodworking, but there’s a little more to it. sloyd is a hand-craft based educational system that originated in Finland and was brought to the U.S. in the early 20th century and it kind of caught on in the Boston area, where I grew up. In my sloyd classes, I built a lamp, a model sailboat, and a C.D. cabinet that is still in use today, even though the CD’s are not.

The idea is that there’s something larger to be learned from working with one’s hands. That by training our hands and eyes to work together we can build practical skills for other works. Our hand-eye skills are building blocks then for bigger things.


The official journal of sloyd was called “By Hand & Eye” so with that in mind, and as a tribute, I bring you The Hand & Eye.

We’ll profile designers, makers, chefs, surfboard shapers, and entrepreneurs of all types. We’ll favor those that work with their hands though I’m sure some tech types will slip in as well. We’ll celebrate creative people and projects of all kinds and we’ll build something bigger.

Let’s do this.