We're doing things differently around here

BMW mid-valve adjustment

BMW mid-valve adjustment

It’s time we pay more attention to small business entrepreneurs.

The goal of this blog is pretty simple: To magnify the dignity of labor and inspire others by sharing the stories of people I admire, the creative entrepreneurs who follow their passion and carve out a life for themselves doing what they love.

When it comes to covering entrepreneurs in the media, we tend to favor tech startups. This is understandable. Tech entrepreneurs often have somewhat interesting stories stories, can be occasionally controversial, and of course, they stand to make gobs of money pretty quickly. So we treat them like rock stars.

I won’t be doing that here at The Hand & Eye.

Why? I’m more interested in the tangible; people who work with their hands, who master a craft and commit themselves to their passion. I think these people have interesting stories to tell that can serve as an inspiration to the rest of us who are not minting money from our tech startups, but instead are laboring away in cubicles dreaming of getting home so we can knit, draw, carve, wrench, or make whatever it is we dream about all day.

Here’s to telling these stories.