Scouting Report: The Architectural Digest Home Show

A Nico Yektai piece. 

A Nico Yektai piece. 

The Architectural Digest Home Show on Pier 94 in Manhattan is happening through this weekend. I went to visit the “Made” section of the show and visit some of the makers and designers promoting their new products. The photos here are just a tiny slice of what’s on display. There’s just endless eye candy like Nico Yektai's wall-mounted table (above), which really needs to be seen to be understood. Drawers pull in various directions and the angular walnut piece is just stunning in person.  

If you’re up for the hike and the crowds, it’s worth a visit. 

Stefan Rurak makes furniture (above) from the wood that's been salvaged from water towers. He told me how he burns the wood, treats it with an oil and sands it down. The result is the super deep black furniture above.

Casey Dzierlenga of DZIERLENGA F+U and Samuel Moyer of Samuel Moyer Furniture were showing pieces together. Above Dzierlenga’s table with candles and Moyer’s with plant on top. They’re both based in the Hudson Valley where they make some gorgeous pieces. 

Red Hook's Fort Standard was there showing off some of their signature greatness like these bottle openers. Their lights are really next level but my pics just don't do them justice so you'll have to visit their website to see them. 

Chris Earl.

Chris Earl.

I found myself really drawn to Chris Earl's charcuterie boards (above). Those are strips of brass separating the dark and light woods.  More at

Allied Maker, based in Sea Cliff, NY has been around for less than a year, which is surprising because their lamp designs seem pretty mature. Allied Maker uses a sort of unfinished brass that ages over time. The pieces are modern, functional and very cool. These pictures don’t do them justice. More at their site here

Finally, the biggest piece of cherry and the biggest table I have ever seen. "The biggest most beautiful piece of cherry you'll ever see," said David Stine, after I complimented his table. And he's not lying. It's gorgeous and came from a windfall on his family's farm in Illinois. Must be seen in person. 

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