Report: Design for Manufacturing Summit

There’s this feeling that we’re at the beginning of some colossal change in the way manufacturing happens globally, but especially here in the U.S. It’s been called the New Industrial Revolution, a manufacturing revival, and the fruition of the maker movement. But is it really happening? 

“It’s not inevitable,” Ted Hall of ShopBot cautioned during his keynote at the Design for Manufacturing Summit

ShopBot's Ted Hall delivers a keynote. 

ShopBot's Ted Hall delivers a keynote. 

While there was a general feeling at DFM that yes something is happening and we’re in a telling moment in manufacturing, no one quite knows how it will play out and what the industry will look like in a few years. 

Will manufacturing evolve into a decentralized system of maker garages? Will tools like 3D printers and ShopBots help enable a new industrial revolution? Will this great change come to the industry? 

It’s just impossible to tell. Regardless, these are some of the  big questions the speakers at DFM summit tried to take on, and it was interesting to watch some industry experts wrestle with these issues.

Either way, there will be some really cool tools to play with