Searching for a Sugar Plan

Rare is the chocolate shop that serves beer.

Nunu cafe in Brooklyn though pulls double duty, serving up amazing chocolates and beer (and coffee and tea too). And its super comfortable laid-back feeling makes it the perfect place to hide out and enjoy both pretty much anytime.  

Most importantly though, Nunu chocolates are insanely good. The chocolates themselves have sort of geometric modern shapes. Can chocolate be described as modern?


The company was started by a husband and wife team who were not life-long chocolatiers. They had no long family confectionary tradition or anything like that. Instead they simply wanted to start a business and tried making chocolates and, as it turned out, they made them incredibly well.

I recommend the Booze Box, for obvious reasons. Each piece is made from a different kind of hootch (sake, moonshine, rye, etc) but the salt caramels are also perfect, and the beer box chocolates come highly recommended though I haven’t had them.


Take this is a hint for Valentine's Day, or just a recommendation for the next time you’re kicking along Atlantic Avenue near the Barclays Center.