In Brief: Links From This Week

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve seen created by a 3D printer? I’m looking around myself and have some ideas but would love to see more. Let me know what you think on Twitter, Instagram or in the comments.  

Etsy got The Economist treatment. It's a nice analysis and I love their term "Artisanal Capitalism." This section is particularly interesting.

But the rise of Etsy may say more about consumers than about sellers....

Big retailers are prepared to test this claim. In 2013 Etsy convinced several of them, including Nordstrom, a posh department-store chain, to experiment by putting its products on their shelves. Etsians also give in-store demonstrations. Others are trying to do the same thing without Etsy. EBay recently started selling artisanal products selected by Martha Stewart, a lifestyle guru, branded American Made. Some analysts detect parallels with the early stages of the rise of organic and local foods, from farmers’ markets via specialist retailers such as Whole Foods Market to the shelves of Tesco and Walmart.
— The Economist

Sriracha is special and amazing and this is how it’s GIF form.

WSJ: Small Businesses Anticipate Breakout Year Ahead

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