Friday Brief: The Creativity of Business

The MakerBot at Tomorrow Lab

The MakerBot at Tomorrow Lab

Edmund Phelps, the Nobel Prize winning economist, has some really compelling things to say about business and how to improve the culture of innovation in the U.S., mainly by looking back for inspiration. He also thinks that we need to teach students that business is an “opportunity to exercise creativity and imagination” not just painful corporate drudgery. I couldn’t agree more.

His new book is  Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change

Phelps can be heard on the Takeaway as well.

President Obama unveiled a new manufacturing hub in North Carolina. (Reuters)

The subject of one of our recent posts Tomorrow Lab is on the cover of Entrepreneur.

Amazing photos of the U.S. textile industry. (New York Times)

A forthcoming beer hall, Berg'n, in Brooklyn is the creation of Brooklyn Flea and Brownstoner and sounds very promising. (Gothamist)