Friday Brief: Make Cool Stuff

Walmart announced it’s putting $10 million in a fund to support American manufacturing. This from the company that made $460 billion in revenue last year.  This is good news, an acknowledgment that American-made is in demand. But for comparison, Patagonia put $20 million into a VC fund to kickstart like-minded companies. Walmart should put another zero on that number to really impress.

Ford put part of their F-150 factory on display and it’s pretty cool. Those headlights!

The 3D printer that can build a house in a day? It seems like just a new way to pour concrete, but I guess that’s 3D printing too!

Pentagram’s Paula Scher on design and creativity.

I went to Capsule and saw man bags...beautiful man bags.

Above: This is the best axe making video around...I promise. Just watch.