Friday Brief: The Obama and Jobs Method

This is my card. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Everything about Terrapin Stationers, who engraved mine, is legit. They print high quality cards and stationary, are really friendly and helpful to work with and their Instagram is really worth a follow. I met Ted Harrington at the Pop Up Flea and knew there was no one else I'd rather patronize when it came to making cards. This is my full-throated endorsement. Go check them out.  

I’m excited about the launch of The Common Marketplace. It seems like a really worthy idea. Here’s to their success. Check them out:

Records, pressed in Brooklyn. Is there anything they don’t make in this town?

The Unexpected Benefits of Rapid Prototyping (Harvard Business Review)

Video: The Knife & Saw, maker of the bike shelfs

Obama’s productivity secret: Minimize decisions, wear the same thing every day. Worked for Steve Jobs too.