Friday Brief: Make Something This Weekend


Are we in a 3D Printing Bubble? One trader makes the case. His main point: "3D printing is real, but the stock valuations aren’t." It really doesn't do you or your company any good when you appoint as your creative director or Alicia Keys, a point of course picked up by this trader. “Was it really only last month that we were subjected to this foolishness at CES?," he writes.  "3D Systems Appoints as Its Chief Creative Officer.” Fair enough. 

And....Here's the week in 3D Printing News

The White House will hold a Maker Faire. Thanks marshmallow kid.

They Live! What it would look like if ads were replaced with art in Paris

Ten Lessons From a Maker. Solid advice for any maker entrepreneurs.

The New Era of the Hardware Startup. Hear, Hear!

Picture: Horse Brand Hatchets. Perfect party ax and hardworking too. More info here