Friday Brief: Busy Industry City

Industry City

Industry City

Industry City in Brooklyn is an incredible place. Home to Makerbot, Industry City Distillery, and countless artists, the complex is humming with activity. The New York Times has a really interesting piece about the facility and how it’s changing.

Jamestown, the developer that owns Chelsea Market, bought a 50 percent stake in Industry City and is busy upgrading its facilities. As the Times reports, increased rents have some artists packing up.

This is of course the story of New York; constant change. It’s the artists who move into sketchy affordable neighborhoods, make it cool, then get worked out by higher rents. Neighborhood growing pains.  And while we’ve seen it so many times, it will be interesting to watch Industry City in the next few years. We need more space for small businesses and Industry City seems to be building that space.  


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