In Brief: Links From This Week

Photograph via Boston Public Library Flickr.

Photograph via Boston Public Library Flickr.

Hanny Lerner has the hustle. She grew up in a Hasidic family, didn’t know about the internet and eventually became estranged from her family. She wanted to start a business so she started selling used cars and eventually parlayed that into an upholstery business. To launch MOD Restoration she issued a Groupon and sub-contracted the work even though she didn’t even have an office! Total badass. Read more here.

Things look like they’re coming up Millhouse for U.S. manufacturers this year. A slew of articles pointing to modest growth have come out in the last few weeks, and thankfully, things seem strong.

U.S. manufacturing added 27,000 jobs in November. Small businesses added jobs as well, though they're pretty modest gains. And the Commerce Department reported that durable goods order jumped 3.5 percent in November as well.

Then there’s this: Multiple studies pointing to companies moving work back from China to the U.S. as reported by Fox. Worth a read.

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