Five Lives Well Lived on Instagram

Image via Instagram/wholelarderlove

Image via Instagram/wholelarderlove

Mastery takes a singular and relentless focus that most of us just don’t possess. Here are five people who are inspiring for being totally committed to their crafts and possessing this focus, whether it’s building motorcycles, cultivating the earth or making beautiful logos.

Instagram offers a view into other’s minds, and for that, I find it to be an amazing resource. That, and the foodporn of course. Here are five people worth some time and some admiration as well. 

Rohan Anderson lives on a farm in Australia and has developed a self-sufficient lifestyle. For this, as for Chivers (below), I have tons of respect. Also, his Instagram, is full of  Australia landscape photographs that we Northern Hemisphere types just don’t see a lot.

C.J. Chivers is the award-winning war correspondent for the New York Times who is also one of the best writers at the paper. Chivers’ short declarative sentences bring readers right into war zones and explain with brutal simplicity the harshness of those situations. He’s also an avid fisherman and farmer. And judging from his instagram, is most likely to survive the apocalypse when it hits as well.

Ariela Alasko makes some beautifully unique wood designs. She works in patterns and geometric shapes that I really like. She works out of a Brooklyn studio and it’s cool to see the progress of her various pieces. It’s not surprising that she has 130,000 followers.  

The in-house custom bike maker for Deus, Michael Woolaway and has developed a super unique style. His bikes look clean and powerful and 100 percent modern while also giving a genuine nod to the past. On his instagram he documents his bikes as they come together and the details that make up his unique style.  

What is there to say about Aaron Draplin that hasn’t been said? The father of Field Notes, his talk on pursuing a passion for design is essential viewing for creative people of all types.