Adweek on Brands and Makers

Here’s an interesting article in Adweek about how big brands are partnering with small makers. The main brand discussed here is Levi’s. It reminds me a little of how brands like to partner with actors and musicians. Adding a bit of star power to a fashion campaign is completely common and expected, but unknown makers...that’s something new. Well, new-ish.  

To raise eyebrows now, brands partner with the unknown, the makers who “ironically, could care less about mainstream fashion.” It says something positive about what we value now as consumers. Of course, don’t expect to see any Brooklyn makers clutching a Louis Vuitton bag in front of Anne Leibovitz’ lens anytime soon. Then again, who knows?

Makers, just like actors, care about promotion and partnering with a brand like Levis is a pretty great way to get your name and your products in front of a lot of people. It’s good marketing and it sells products.  

It’s also worth reading this interview over at Hypebeast with Jay Carroll who is the man behind Levi’s maker’s project tag.