Dispatch from New York's Mikkeller Brewery


During a recent rainy afternoon with the Mets on the road, I decided it was the perfect time to scope the scene at Citi Field. Needless to say, I’m not a Mets fan. I am a fan of beer though, and my destination was the new Mikkeller Brewery at Citi Field. 

I’m proud to report I was the first one in at noon. And as I found out, sharing a big brand new brewery with no one but the bartender is a perfect way to run through a bunch of samples uninterrupted.  

The first thing one notices at Mikkeller—after the giant trademark murals on the wall—is the giant wall of taps. 60 of them in all. The brewery has a massive list of their own offerings (brewed in-house as well those brewed in San Diego and Copenhagen) on tap, as well as a bunch of like-minded breweries I was glad to see. I especially liked spotting a rose cider from Shacksbury on tap, which of course I had to try.



I don’t usually go for visits to big breweries. The signature brewery design aesthetic —big industrial concrete spaces with bad acoustics—has never appealed to me, but what comes out of the kegs and goes into the cups at Mikkeller quickly washes away any of these kinds of gripes. It’s the perfect place to take a quick (or extended) tour of the modern craft beer landscape, leave slightly buzzed, and grab a four-pack, or two, on your way out the door. 

And if you’re a Mets fan, even better for you. 


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