Imbibing the NA Way


Flagging a couple of recent articles I wrote in Fast Company and Marker here. I’ve been on a big nonalcoholic drinks kick and I got to profile a few of the entrepreneurs behind my favorite new beverages.

For Marker, I wrote about Casamara Club, the Detroit startup making bitter sodas. Having spent a lot of time in Italy, I’ve always been frustrated that bitter sodas like Chinnoto and Sanbitter aren’t as common here in the U.S. These are very drinkable adult sodas that easily pull cocktail hour duty. In fact, in Italy drinking one of these sodas with aperitivo (later afternoon cocktail snacks) is very normal, unlike drinking sodas at happy hour here in the U.S.

Courtesy of  Casamara Club .

Courtesy of Casamara Club.

The other brand I covered is Athletic Brewery, which is making FANTASTIC craft NA beer. I profiled the Connecticut brewery in a story published today in Fast Company. When I finally found their beer, I was super relieved that I could maintain a sober lifestyle and still drink good beer. As regular readers know, I’m obsessed with good beer. Not only do I make beer, I also love to visit breweries near and far. Athletic has created a line of beers that allow me to maintain this passion, NA or not. I recommend the IPA, the Cerveza Atletica, and the Gose if you can find it. You won’t be disappointed.

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