The American Highway Collection

What happens when four trusted brands get together to collaborate? You’d think, perhaps, some kind of chaos, confusion and design dulled by too many cooks (sort of speak).

Not in the case at all with the new American Highway Collection, a collaboration between Taylor Stitch, Ball and Buck, Stock Mfg. Co. and Red Wing. The results are as solid as the great wide open road that unites these four American companies.

I'll mention here that, yes, I do work with Ball and Buck, but my allegiance to all four of these brands is worth noting. Last year at American Field, I picked up a Stock Mfg. Co. rain coat, which is beautifully-made, a great shoulder season piece, and has the unusual power of actually making me welcome a rainstorm. I’ve also blogged about both Taylor Stitch and Red Wing and their respect for craft and customer service.

Most notably, I’ve lamented the lack of a lug sole on my Iron Rangers. Well, in the American Highway Collection, the Iron Rangers come with just that


The pieces in the American Highway Collection are built strong. The thread that marries these brands is of course the incredible values each places on manufacturing here in the U.S. And those results show handsomely.