When in Montreal: Agrikol


Few dining experiences that I can remember compare to a recent trip to Agrikol in Montreal. The Haitian restaurant takes up an entire small house near Park La Fontaine, and is sort of known as the place started by a few members of Arcade Fire. And even though at least one of them was perched on the bar while we ate, their involvement is hardly the big selling point. Agrikol has great low-key vibes, delicious fried fish, an array of rum cocktails not usualy seen north of the Caribbean, and an absolutely kicking sound system that rivals most dance clubs.  

The night we visited, a DJ was in the corner was playing track after track of deep calypso and reggae cuts. They were songs that Shazam was struggling to identify (Agrikol please make a Spotify playlist!). All this made for a super lively dinner that we were in no rush to leave.  


Eventually, we rolled on to Agrikol's sister bar next door and took it ever deeper. Both places were unpretentious, played excellent music (no surprise there given the ownership) and made for a truely memorable night in Montreal.