Goodbye to the Hotel Okura

A lot has been made of the closing and demolition of Tokyo's Hotel Okura, a beautiful landmark that married modern design with traditional Japanese motifs. The New York Times, Town and Country, the BBC, pretty much every media outlet that has an interest in design and global business, has had some kind of piece remarking on the closure of this great landmark.


The Hotel Okura was built after the war, and like a lot of great pieces of architecture, it represented a moment and mindset of the time. It was also a popular hotel for business travelers, making it something of a waypoint and host for so many foreigners. Combine this of course with the stunning design, which remained virtually unchanged for almost 50 years, and the melancholy demise, and you've got a pretty irresistible story.

Of all the outlets covering the passing of the Hotel Okura, Monocle seems to have done the best work though. They even mounted a Save-the-Okura mission months back and now have a video commemorating the hotel (above). Watch it and hope something better will eventually replace it.

You can read the full Monocle article here.