Checking out Fiercely Made

Via Fiercely Made

Via Fiercely Made

One of the big problems for small makers and designers is being found. It’s a marketing issue. It’s hard to get customers to know about you, literally, to see you. 

A lot of companies are obviously working on helping small businesses. Companies like Etsy, Amazon and eBay are all catering to smaller businesses as portals for their products. Then there are the various Pop-Up shops like Northern Grade and Pop-Up Flea, though those tend to cater to more established brands. 

Enter the just launched Fiercely Made, which looks kind of a like a WorkOf but not limited to home goods. According to the site, which just launched last night, it’s a platform for Brooklyn makers to sell their goods. They also have some nice Q&As with makers and are featuring a few Hand & Eye favorites like Daniel Moyer, Horse and Pernt. 

More exposure for makers is a good thing and it looks like Fiercely Made has a lot of momentum. Go check them out here.