Gear Fridays: Vinyl Kits

Some write off the recent resurgence in the popularity of vinyl as some hipster fascination thing, but I don’t. Listening to music on a record player is just such a richer experience compared to the flat and thin MP3s and streams that we’re used to. Even listening to cd’s compared to these newer formats is noticeably better. But records, they are seriously better.

Our friends over at Huckberry have put together some great packages that include quality U-Turn audio record players (with pre-amps if needed) and records. Then there are also bunch curated collections of records to get you started that include the likes of of Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell Al Green and Lord Huron, which means you just pretty much have to plug, play and enjoy. 

Orbit Plus Record Player

Classic Sounds (4 Records)

The Complete Collection (18 Records)

Also, did you see Jason Isbell play Bob Dylan's strat at Newport Folk Festival?