Detroit's Bike Making Startups

Detroit Bikes. 

Detroit Bikes. 

Could Motor City become Pedal City? If Detroit Bikes has their way, yes. 

The startup bicycle manufacturer is betting that there’s a market for basic, well-made bikes manufactured in Detroit.  And they’re not the only ones. Shinola is also making bikes (and watches, and a lot of other things) in Detroit. 

Grist has a great interview with Zak Pashak who runs Detroit Bikes about some of the challenges of his effort. And his company has some nice pics of their factory as well here

Motor City is of course set up for a manufacturing revival and while it may be a bit ironic that a city once known for making cars could eventually be known for bikes, it’s an irony that should be worn proudly. Bikes are the past, present and future and I’m rooting for Detroit Bikes and Shinola on this.