Eclipsed in New York

The candids came easily with so many people looking up through dark glasses.

That solar eclipse moment was unlike anything I've seen in my ten years of living in New York, and unlike anything I'll probably ever see again here. The eclipse brought people out of their buildings around 2:15 in the afternoon, half an hour before the peak. They poured into the streets en masse, spilling up and down the sidewalks along Madison Avenue and filling the paths that wind around Madison Square Park. They were not let down, mostly. 

Even if the special eclipse glasses were in short supply, everyone was happily sharing them and taking turns to check the sun's progesss. A big group gathered at the dark reflecting pool in Madison Square Park to see the eclipse bounce off of the water.

During peak eclipse, the sky only slightly darkened. The birds kept chirping and the temperature barely dropped. We didn't witness "complete totality" here or sense a deep eerie feeling, but for a minute we did all stop working and look up at the sky in awe. 

And that was remarkable.