Woolrich: Woven Into the Fabric of the U.S.

Woolrich, PA

Woolrich, PA

Woolwich got its start as a company way back in 1830, some 185 years ago. Founder John Rich sold fabrics to loggers, miners and trappers from his mule cart in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. Traveling from camp to camp, Rich sold the durable goods that workers needed to survive the harsh conditions and build this country after the Revolutionary War. 

By 1845, Woolrich had grown his small operation and made a mill in Woolrich, PA. That mill has been operating ever since. Through the the Civil War, the Great Depression, The Great War. Non-stop. 

Woolrich launched their signature red Buffalo Check Shirt in 1850, which became popular with railroad workers, lumberjacks and others, and has been associated with the brand ever since. 

Woolwich is the longest continually running wool mill in the country. And as a result, the Woolrich name, and company, is very much woven into the fabric of the U.S., or put another way, Woolrich wool is very much the fabric of the U.S. 

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