Dispatch from Mount Desert Island

Maine doesn’t need a lot of explanation. If you’ve been and spent time there, then you probably get it. Beyond the slogans, “Vacation Land” and “The way life should be,” there’s just something incredibly unique, calming and beautiful about the place. Something that no slogan could catch. 

For me, Maine is about going out on boats, and having the chance to catch up, slow down and spend time with the the most important people in my life. The natural beauty—mountains, evergreens, craggy rocks— and the pace of life, makes time in Maine especially potent. 

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Mount Desert Island the last two summers to spend time with my family in a place my relatives have been enjoying for a long time. Story goes that during prohibition, some ancestors of mine came to open the house up in the spring and found a crate of hootch on the dining room table, a gift from some rum-runners who wintered over in our house. 

They picked a good place to be.

In these images, you’ll see Beal’s Lobster Pool, the Asticou Azalea Gardens, Thuya Gardens, Somes Sound, Great Harbor Maritime Museum and Northeast Harbor. If you ever have the chance, do get yourself up there.