The Cars of Summer

I don’t consider myself a car person, but I do find myself taking photos of them all the time, especially in the summer when my favorites emerge from hibernation.: the convertibles, the old pickups and the surf mobiles. 

These summer rides that show their age and regular use are my favorites, even better if they are daily drivers of some sort. Those cars that you look at wonder how is that thing still going, those are my favorites. Not only are they often just beautiful specimens of past (often better) design, but they are proof that someone cares for something enough to keep it going. They are rolling examples in some way of perseverance and dedication. 

Cars are also one of the best ways that we can observe the evolution of design. Cars evolve more quickly than architecture, but are more lasting than clothes and fashion. You can see the story and history of design in cars, and they're of course always rolling by.