Luca Bressan of Solo Surfboards

I try not to post too much surf-related stuff around here. I know it’s fairly niche but there is something really interesting happening in the surf industry right now, a reckoning of sorts. It’s the ongoing effort to make surfing more environmentally friendly. 

Surfboards were of course once all made of wood but then styrofoam, fiberglass and epoxy entered the picture. For pretty much the last 40(?) years surfboard design has relied on these hazardous materials. This made for lighter, higher performance boards but that came at a price to the environment (not to mention similar costs from petroleum-based wetsuits too). 

Now there are a handful of shapers all trying to figure out the best way to make wooden boards that can compete with the modern foam boards. I’ve profiled one of those shapers, Kevin Cunningham of Spirare, because I’m fascinated with this design challenge, but there’s also Danny Hess, Grain Surfboards and a few others, all building super capable board with environmentally friendly materials. And…this video above of Italy-based Solo Surfboards details another shaper addressing the same challenge.

“I concentrate every energy on finding a way to make a surfboard 100 percent natural, durable, very light and very strong,” says shaper Luca Bressan. 

Thankfully for surfing, Bressan isn't alone.

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