A Maker Hotel

Lately, I’ve been scheming about building a hotel decorated with furniture built by makers. Everything would be for sale and it would promote the work of craftsmen and makers, and as a result it would also offer something of a unique hotel experience. BUT, it’t not really such a unique idea. The Ace Hotels have shops with various goods for sale, and, as seen here, the maker hotel is apparently already here. 

This is Hotel Hotel in Canberra Australia. Some 60 artists, makers, architects and designers were brought on to help design it. I’m not sure if that’s a lot honestly. It doesn’t necessarily seem like it for a place this scale, but I have no idea. And while I’m not sure there’s any furniture for sale, it is certainly remarkable design wise, though somewhat disjointed too.   

Back to the Hand & Eye Hotel. In the dream, it’s near the water, boutique and filled with craft furniture. Hotels offer something Airbnb's can't. I strongly believe that hotels, if done right, can be spaces that bring people together for a greater good. Combine that with a genuine appreciation for craft and awareness about the maker movement, and I think there's something powerful there.  The future is bright. Get at me if you want to make it a reality.

*More photos of the Hotel Hotel here.