Shop Visit: Acme Vintage Furniture

Acme Vintage Furniture

Acme Vintage Furniture

It turns out it’s still possible to find a hidden gem. 

And Acme Vintage Furniture in New Haven Connecticut is just that. I came across Acme after struggling to find a decent desk in New York that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. 

I was looking for something preferably old, retro and with some character. Even better if it could pull double duty as a small dining table as well. That means much money in NYC. So on a whim on the way back from Newport Folk Festival we stopped in at Acme. 


Acme has been around for over 100 years in various New Haven locations. My guess is this place is well known in the area, but I found it only after some creative googling.  

Acme specializes in office furniture so you won’t find dining tables, couches and lounge chairs but you will find TONS of retro desk chairs, arm chairs, desks, herman miller furniture, credenzas, lamps and other cabinets. They also have a whole section of great old industrial metal bookshelves and cabinets.  It’s two floors and pretty much packed to the ceiling with vintage pieces. 


Word to the wise though if you visit: Make sure you ask for help. Yes browsing is great but you probably need help to understand their creative storage system, and there is a system. Dina was super helpful and we wouldn't have found what we were looking for were it not for her. Once she understood what we wanted, she led us right to a Jackson writing desk. It’s a mid-century modern desk with brass hardware and was priced WELL below what it would go for in New York. 

New desk at Hand & Eye HQ. 

New desk at Hand & Eye HQ. 

I was almost hesitant to blog about Acme for fear of letting everyone in on it, but their stock is so rich and so good, there's really no reason to keep it a secret. If you’re looking for retro furniture, go check them out.