Tapping into the Blue Hour


Good friends buy you beer. Great friends send you beer. 

That’s a little mantra I’ve been meditating on after an unexpected package from my friends at Huckberry arrived with a 4-pack of their new collab with Mikkeller Brewing. 

The Blue Hour is a gose style ale made with pineapple, cherry, and yerba buena and named for that magic moment right after sunset when everything is blue, which just also happens to be one of my favorite times to take photos

Keith Shore, Mikkeller's art director, in his studio. 

Keith Shore, Mikkeller's art director, in his studio. 


I’d never tasted a Mikkeller offering before (though I’ve wanted to visit their Copenhagen taproom for a long time), so the package was an especially welcome treat, and, the perfect way to cool off during a recent NYC heatwave. 

If you live in California, you can order a 4-pack for yourself here. There's also a great interview with Keith Shore, the artist behind Mikkeller’s distinctive branding and illustrations, a deeper dive into Mikkeller's rise and plenty of ways to fill your pack with Huckberry x Mikeller gear