Dispatch: Antique Hunting in Essex

A few weeks ago I shared images of one of my favorite furniture builders in Essex, Massachusetts. In a town filled with antique stores, Walker Creek is the rare maker of furniture. The rest of the shops in town, which is basically all antique stores and clam shacks, are places like in these pictures. Big old dusty houses filled with antiques of all kinds. As with any good antique store or flea market, the finds range from total junk to unique and totally cool old pieces. 

Just depends how much you want to dig to find them. 

A few of my favorite shops include Howard's Flying Dragon, Main Street Antiques and the White Elephant. Whenever I’m home, I try and take a stroll through to see what’s happening. Main Street has a great old boxes (trunks, deck boxes etc) of all kinds. Howard’s is just filled with so much stuff. And the White Elephant has some great old tools and occasionally really interesting old photographs.