How to Escape Digital Distractions? Start with a Record Player

“In today’s world, when your phones are beeping every twenty seconds with a text message or a tweet or whatever, it’s a great way to disengage and almost meditate.”

I couldn’t agree more. I've discovered this exact feeling in the last six months or so, now that I’ve got a record player in my apartment. It’s this much-needed feeling that music can be a brief meditative escape from the noise and chaos of our busy digital lives. Books can do the same too. 

There’s evidence that the constant pinging, tweeting and general checking of our phones is actually rewiring our brains for shorter attention spans, and distraction. That’s a scary cycle. That means the more we check our phones, the more we want to check our phones, and the harder it becomes to delve into things that take sustained attention, like reading, studying and generally acquiring the knowledge that makes us smarter humans. 

In today’s crazy digital world, it’s not hard to see the effects of our scatterbrain culture. It’s on Twitter. It’s on TV. We’re an ADD nation of information addicts who haven’t taken a minute to sit down and think things through in a long time, even though we need to more than ever. 

I’m not saying listening to records will change the world, but at least it’s a start. 

*Gotta Groove Records film by Nick Cavalier