Swim Call Launch


The season of leisure swimming is upon us. A jump in a cool stream. A float in a shaded pool. A quick dive off a dock. These are the universal and refreshing acts of humanity I think we can all get behind right now.


And I’ve made a newspaper to celebrate them! Meet the first issue of Swim Call, a visual periodical of swim spots and swim culture pictured here.

To celebrate, we’re throwing a party. We’ve partnered with the good people at Sunspel, who are generously hosting the event along with a show of Swim Call photos, which will be displayed in their in-store gallery through the summer.

So please, towel off, RSVP to me at john@thehandandeye dot com, and come join us to get a copy and toast the summer swim season.


Thursday, July 25th



85 Mercer Street

NY, NY 10012

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