July Picks


The Willy Wall
Floating bars may be the best bars. Also, anything you have to take a launch too is worth visiting. 

Newport Folk Festival
The best music festival in the world. Full stop. This year’s lineup is incredible. If you don’t already have tickets, be very careful out there buying them. Lots of fraud scalpers. See this for a taste of some the brilliance. 

King County Distillery
Because this New Yorker story and because it’s blocks from my house and because I like summer whiskey drinks and Hank Williams

Eating: Pan Roasted Corn Salad
Enough with the lettuce already. Trying variations on this delicious recipe 

Reading: Unbroken
I’m late on this, way late, but I’m finally digging into Unbroken and loving it. Also, reading more recommendations from this fine book review blog

Keith Richards: Life 
A miracle of health, well-being and endurance, Keith Richards really is an amazing person. 
The full documentary on YouTube.

Warhol’s old Montauk hang out. On sale for a cool $85 million.