Five Summer Essentials


Summer demands a few necessities. Whether you're at the beach, the pool or grilling on your roof, you don’t need a lot, but you need to be prepared.

Here are the five Hand & Eye summer essentials.


1. Trunks

Image via Outlier. 

Image via Outlier. 

Outlier set out to make the only pair of shorts you’ll need. And they did just that. The New Way shorts are super versatile. Comfortable on the bike and at the beach. Water literally beads off of them. I’m wearing a pair right now


2. Straw Beach Mat

A beach mat costs $10 on Amazon and even less at a local connivence store. A cheap price to pay to show everyone at the beach just how strong your summer game is. More importantly it will keep the sand off your towel and is way more comfortable to lay out/pass out on as well. Doubles as a changing mat.  


3.  Handplane

Summer is notoriously flat, especially here in the North East. The Spirare handplane will ensure you’re still getting some waves, even when there’s only a small bump in the water. If you want to make your own, check out the Grain shoulder plane. I made one here


4. Tote


Canvas Tote. The go-to bag for the summer. It carries a ton of stuff and can get sandy and wet and who cares. Check out the L.L. Bean tote and the Mer Bags tote as well. 


5. Old Yankee Ale

My favorite summer beer is Cottrell Old Yankee Ale. It's light enough for the beach but big enough to take you through the night. Next time you’re in Connecticut or Rhode Island, pick some up.