The Last of the Lampists

A few summers ago, I committed a minor act of trespass and climbed up an old abandoned lighthouse. It wasn't the first time. Like most semi-curious people, I'll take the chance to explore an old lighthouse any day, given the opportunity and relatively low risk of legal repercussion.  

Few places seem to keep so many stories hidden away like an old lighthouse. Going inside one is like entering a crime scene, or a home whose owners left suddenly and never came back. There's old furniture, discarded magazines, empty tins of food. It forces you to wonder about the people (person?) who lived there and what their solitary lives (life?) must have been like. Basically: lonely and probably boring. 

All this means I really appreciated this Great Big Story video about an old lighthouse keeper— lampist— who travels around and maintains the glass lense inside the country's last lighthouses, and whose life is not boring, but peaceful and fulfilling.