June Picks

Music: Dr. John Locked Down
It came out four years ago, but when you combine the efforts of legendary New Orleans musician Dr. John with Black Keys’ guitarist Dan Auerbach, you’ve got a timeless classic. Why it took me this long to discover and dig into this album is another story.

Tech: GTFO Get the Flight Out
Pretty sure GTFO stands for something different...but in this case, Get the Flight Out. This app let’s you find last minute flights. If you don’t have plans this summer, obviously you need to GTFO.

Drink: Shacksbury 
Summer has many tastes. Cider is one of them. I recently got to try Shacksbury’s Basque release and will be imbibing much more this month.  

Explore: Governor’s Island 
A new park on Governors Island is being built and is one more reason to make the yearly crossing to the island, even if it does just look like a pile of dirt in some places. 

Eat: Colonia Verde
One of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, Colonia Verde, is reopening after a fire shut the kitchen down this winter. I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re visiting New York, put it on your list. If you live here, come over and enjoy. 

Covet: Fuji X-T10  
I’ve watched just about every video online about Fuji mirrorless camera systems. Infatuation would be putting it lightly. The Fuji XT-1 is a smaller, cheaper version of the X-T1, the mirrorless camera that quickly took on a cult following. I can’t wait to hold one of these things. They’ll go on sale this month