Shop Visit: Walker Creek Furniture

A few weeks back I went exploring around my hometown looking for antiques. Essex, Massachusetts is essentially a tiny town with tons of antique stores and almost as many fried clam spots. 

And while there is some great antique hunting, one shop, Walker Creek Furniture, stands out because of the incredible amount of incredible handmade furniture they have on hand. Though much is made by Robert Hanlon, an artist and furniture maker who runs the place with his wife, artist Patricia Hanlon, they also have a lot of work from other makers as well. 

The vibe is classic New England, with a focus on traditional craftsmanship and build techniques from the 18th and 19th centuries, quality materials (like beautiful walnut slab tables) and coastal landscape paintings too. At Walker Creek though, they're not afraid to mix in some more abstract art. I purchased a painting there years ago though of a intake tower at the Hoover Damn, which I love.  

Bonus, if you go, is getting invited into the Hanlon’s home which is attached to the showroom. They have a tree built into their stairwell, which is absolutely incredible.