The True x Buffalo Trace Bourbon Experience


It’s not every day, or every year for that matter, that you get to go down to Kentucky and pick out a barrel of whiskey to tap into. But our friends over at True, who know a thing or two about whiskey, have partnered with Buffalo Trace to make that a reality. It’s the kind of experience I have a feeling that a few Hand & Eye readers would happily get involved with. 

What’s the deal? 

It’s a “bacchanalian weekend” in October spent exploring the fruits of the bluegrass state, learning about the finest of southern distillation arts and trading yarns with other members of the True crew. And the whole experience peaks with the True Bourbon barrel selection. By embarking on this journey you’ll also secure barrel voting rights, a limited edition bottle from Buffalo Trace’s private stash and a True Lucky Piece - your access card to additional True adventures. 

Think you're up to it? Get to it here, then learn what it takes to pick a barrel of whiskey here

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