Beach Essentials

It's been a while since I put together a selection of gear picks, but the arrival of summer seems like the perfect time to revisit the practice. Why? Some people count the number of days spent skiing or fishing to measure how good the year was, I count days spent at the beach, and the days spent surfing. 

You don't need much to hit the beach (really just a bathing suit), but being a little prepared goes a long way. Sunscreen and a bottle of water are essential. A towel helps too but isn't totally necessary, a dry shirt or a couple minutes in the sun will work. A good book is needed if you're planning a longer outing in the sun (more on that soon), but that's pretty much it.

With all that in mind though, here are a few suggestions collected from the stock of our good friends at Huckberry to help make your beach days even stronger, because even though you don't need extra supplies at the beach, they will help you carry through the day to make the most of it. Here are some of the extended essentials.

A THERMOS: Keeping the fluids cold is essential, and few brands have been doing just that for as long as Stanley.  

TRUNKS: Many, many more to pick from, but these lace-ups from Bather Trunk Co tick the right boxes for me. 

A COOLER: Because you need somewhere to keep the reserve beers and sandwiches. This one from Barebones slings easily over the shoulder and has a removable liner for easy cleaning. 

POCKET KNIFE: How else did you think you were going to cut the hot dogs? An Opinel works perfectly and doubles as a bottle opener. It's also inexpensive enough that you won't be heartbroken if it gets lost.  

SUNGLASSES: Inevitably one pair will end up in the drink, or under a tire, or who knows where. Getting caught without shades in the summer is a painful fate. Grab a pair of backups now before it’s absolutely necessary.   

FLIPS-FLOPS: Let's be real, boat shoes can get a little sweaty and dank. Leave them at home go for the sandals. These cost $20 and will be good for the season. 

TURKISH TOWEL: A good towel does triple duty as a towel, a blanket, and a warming layer when the sun goes down. Meet your new summer best friend.  

BEACH CHAIR: If you're the kind of person who brings a chair to the beach, congratulations, you don’t mess around. Now sit down and have a beer, you earned it.