Me on Pocket


I’ve shared my dissatisfaction with social media in the past, but one bright spot I’ve found is Pocket, the app that lets you save stories to read later. Pocket is also a fantastic way to find curated stories from people and get recommendations, minus the noise of Twitter. 

For a long time, I’ve used Pocket as a way to save articles to share in the Hand & Eye newsletter. I only just now realized that you can also recommend articles and create your own feed. So! If you feel like seeing some of the articles I’m really enjoying that will potentially make it into the newsletter, you can follow me here

Some recent articles I’ve added to my feed include:

Photographers Who’ve Captured the Camaraderie and Solitude of Surf Culture

Letter of Recommendation: Drinking at Lunch

A Polite Word For Liar

The Still-Burning Piano Genius of Professor Longhair