Music for Summer Nights

The first day of summer calls for a new playlist, or two in this case. In preparation for a weekend spent at one of the most idyllic places I’ve been—a beach house in Gloucester, MA—I made both of these playlists, then refined them a bit and trimmed the fat when I got home.

Sprinklings of Jim James and Ry Cooder, two artists I’ve been particularly obsessed with lately, show up here, as well as tracks with thick vintage soul, funk, afro and latin beats. I learned a long time ago that making summer playlists comprised of songs with seasonal descriptors in their titles does not yield great results. And while I generally try and create lists that stick to a pretty tight genre or time period, I did not for these. They’re eclectic mixes not defined by a genre or time period, but by a mood.

Beach House Sunset is to be played at that moment right before sunset, when you're ready to sit down with a drink in your hand and ease into the evening. It’s a short but calm selection that will help you relax and prepare for whatever activities the night may present. 

Beach House Night picks up where the former leaves off. It starts off mellow but quickly picks up. It will take you deeper into the night when things should be a little louder and little rowdier. 

After that, you’re on your own.