Talking Design and Cosmos with Plant-In City's Huy Bui

Image via WorkOf. 

Image via WorkOf. 

I’ve admired Huy Bui’s Plant-In City work for sometime. I think I first came across it at Wanted Design, but I’ve also seen his pieces on display at a Kickstarter street party as well. Bui makes these modular sculptural terrariums that are absolutely unique and hard to describe. You really just have to see them

So when WorkOf asked if I’d interview Bui for their site, I jumped at the chance. We met over at Marlow & Sons (his local) and had a long winding conversation about art, architecture, the cosmos, his recent show at the Patrick Parrish gallery and living in New York. It was one of those hours that seemed to go by in a matter of minutes.

"The whole idea with the work that I’m doing is trying create this module, this biosphere that has a kind of ambiguous scale," says Bui. "You look at and can be like: I can put myself in it. Or whoa, this could be super huge! Or, it could be a one-to-one thing, just a terrarium."

 You can read the whole interview here, and check out Bui’s latest work here

Plant in City on display at  Wanted Design Brooklyn 2015 . 

Plant in City on display at Wanted Design Brooklyn 2015