Gear Fridays: Summer Essentials

Essex, MA

Essex, MA

Summer really is the best time of the year because, among other things, it’s easy to to travel light. No need for jackets, bags and pockets overflowing with crap, just a few essentials like sunglasses, shorts, and shoes, and you’re good for the day, and night. 

Here are just a few pieces I rock with me on any given summer Saturday. 

A Beach Towel: It's basically my summer EDC (at least one the weekend). My family has been fighting over the same tiger print towel at our beach house for years. Maybe this could replace it. Kidding. Nothing will replace the tiger towel! 

New Shades: Whatever they are for you, summer is the time to re-up the shade game. Spring for something nice and try not to lose them. 

Boat Shoes: What else does one wear on their feet in the summer? Rancourts are made in Maine and they really are the best quality you can find. 

NATO Strap: Save your leather strap from sweat and sunscreen and get that watch on a NATO for the warmer months.