Google Cars...Meh

I hate to sound like an alarmist but self-driving cars are the clearest sign of the apocalypse that we’ve seen. 

OK, a bit extreme, but as someone who really enjoys driving cars, riding motorcycles and hates to ride shotgun, I just couldn't be less enthused about Google’s new self-driving cars. I hope they're about as popular as Google Wave.  

Some of civilization’s greatest inventions include those great beautiful machines that propel us over the globe with speed, and wind in our hair. The more wind the better. And the best part of these inventions is driving them, flying them, sailing them or riding them. Driving is just fun. Which means these Google cars are just very much not fun. They are actually just dull.  

But there’s more to it than that and Ben Walsh over at the New Republic pretty much nails why Google cars are so meh and why, well, we won’t really be in them anytime soon. Go read the full post here.