Building the Machinemade Me Do It Photo Booth


Blackbook Magazine called it the “best party photo booth” and it's hard to disagree! The Machinemade photo booth, built for the Machinemade Do It party last weekend, resembles something from the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey with its long white cavern that seems to go into infinity. 

Machinemade posted a ton of photos on their Facebook page of party people in the booth but we got a few photos of the build process to see how the photo booth came together. 

The party was in celebration of NYCxDesign and also the inaugural event at Machinemade's new workshop and design studio. While the online platform helps designers to transform their designs into tangible products, Machinemade's team has long worked with architectural clients, creating unique environmental components, which in part inspired the photo booth.

Photographer Ty Cole was also their to document the festivities. Check out more of his amazing work at his site and follow him on Instagram here.

Go check the pictures here.