Noted: The BIKEID Pop-Up Shop

BIKEID, the Swedish bicycle company, is hosting a pop-up show through the weekend to celebrate the launch of their American sales efforts. The company is perhaps most known for their collaboration with MoMA on a evil looking, all black and totally minimal urban commuting bike called the Svart. It’s available exclusively through MoMA, though they do have one at the pop-up shop as well. 

BIKEID also offers other models like a step-through and various straight-bar and drop-down versions of their commuter bike, all notable for their minimal designs and fine details like leather saddles and french leather grips. They also have a few of last year’s models at the pop-up shop that are on sale. 


The bikes are all gorgeous and ready for test rides. Definitely worth a visit. 


BIKEID Pop-Up Shop
East Village
441 East 12th street and Avenue A

May 20th - 25th
11am - 7pm