Chelsea Clock Visit for Hodinkee


A few weeks ago I got to visit the Chelsea Clock factory outside Boston for a story that just went up on Hodinkee. Chelsea Clock is the oldest American clock company. They’ve been at it for over a hundred years, quietly making some of the most beautiful, high quality clocks for presidents, celebrities and so many others.

While vintage clocks don’t quite have the cool factor that vintage watches have right now, I think given some time, and awareness, the demand for vintage clocks, like the decommissioned ones Chelsea Clock refurbishes and sell on their site, will increase. 

Visiting a factory like Chelsea is really an extraordinary experience. Getting to see how the clocks are made, the same way they were a hundred years ago, it’s just very cool and a great reminder that quality and craftsmanship really are timeless. 

Check out the full article, with way more pictures, here.