The Grand Canyon at Sundown

Did you ever hear Bob Dylan’s “Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie”? 

That’s what was on my mind a few weeks ago as we pulled up to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, amber light pouring on the far-off canyon walls.

The scale of the whole scene is incomprehensible even as it sits there in front of you. Impossibly big.   

Dylan read his rambling "Last Thoughts..." to a crowd in 1963. It's a grand tribute to his creative hero, and at the end, and climax, of his long tribute to Guthrie, Dylan says,

You can either go to the church of your choice
Or you can go to Brooklyn State Hospital
You'll find God in the church of your choice
You'll find Woody Guthrie in Brooklyn State Hospital
And though it's only my opinion
I may be right or wrong
You'll find them both
In the Grand Canyon
At sundown

I've listened to it dozens of times and those lines still kill me every single time. So I guess it was inevitable that I was thinking about it on the edge of that big hole a few weeks back, God knows I wasn't thinking about the church of my choice,  It’s only my opinion, but you can see pictures of the Grand Canyon and you can read about it, you can hear Dylan speak about it, but nothing prepares you for seeing the Grand Canyon at sundown.