Beach Essentials: The Bluetooth Speaker

This is why I don’t write tech reviews, because the reviews are insanely untimely. In this case, I've spent a good year with this product, and it's already been replaced by a newer version. 

Also, so many others do it better. Namely, Wirecutter

But here’s a tech product I enthusiastically endorse. 

It’s the UE Roll

These days it's easy to get down on technology. The endless new versions of phones. The social networks that have just become grotesque and obnoxious. Rainbow puke filters. I don't even know what's going on anymore.

But this is the kind of tech product that makes me think technology is actually really great and is still capable of making life much better.

The UE Roll does one thing very, very well, and that thing is crank tunes. 

This model is waterproof so it can even go for a swim with you. I know there are newer versions, but if you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker that gets loud, sounds good, is easy to operate (yes those are big volume controls you see), this is the one. Buying last year’s model will save you a little scratch too. 

Guranteed to enhance your next beach day.